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My story begins 18 tubeshemales months ago, although to be honest it was always my fantasy now that it has come true. I met my current lover, 18 months ago when his boss told me I was 30 I have 50, so I'm a very lucky man. In a few weeks, I've discovered, it was my secret that is required under the control of women, who began it slowly to bring me coffee and a little housework, when we were alone, she would be to lay her feet as she did her work, it was my day to fit your needs and desires of the neighborhood. At one point they had a trusted co-workers know the secret, and enjoyed humiliating me in front of her a couple of times myself at his feet, sitting in the office with his feet on my tubeshemales tubeshemales back, while she and her friend was talking strangely humble Sun out yet. Once I asked him why was this response: ' Because I ' s soon as a global business and now I was hooked and began his devoted slave now total. I was separated and she was still married, but had no mappropriate to your mind that we are moving to Cornwall, I tubeshemales went to buy a house and everything in place as she left her husband and walked away. Let my wife has long red hair, ice blue eyes, which has a total female figure, and as any woman should do an amazing down to the queen (my biggest deal ) is. case some two weeks ago, after I thought my life was, how it would be, she announced : 'slave from morning to find a lover :' I was a bit like a person would be violated but also a stirrring in my thought in the queue: ' Yes ma'am, I said, if that's what you want. ' Lady soon had placed ads seeking men to play, he soon met a man who was calling. He was a wealthy businessman and successful, even a cathedral. She began corresponding with him, and liked to humilate me with photos of his huge cock, she said I was his slave and cuckold is very active in this. After corresponding for a few nights, he agreed to talk on the phone I wasthen while flirting then called the lady was lying in bed with her legs spread shaved pussy to tell him what I wanted to do with her when she came to play. Then tubeshemales he turned around on all fours and lick tubeshemales me I said with enthusiasm, she told him what I did and then she grabbed my face, I was soaking. Finally, we made tubeshemales ​​an appointment, I did make their purchases in lingerie and clothing, fuck in the day came, I was sick going to buy exciting, I got up early, all the people with clean, changed its bed, then went to work I was told to stay home during the lunch hour to run his bath and get the clothes ready, my penis was so hard all morning. At 12, a text that says go home now. When I got home was the lover of painting toenails sittting chair, 'run my bath and my clothes ready the way, sir here at 1:30 Oh, I say we call him Lord. ' I ran to bath and put all your clothes on the bed, I would say it was very excited. When finished lady was sitting in her chair, she looked good, I was so proud of them. In 1. 40 to knock on the door, I replied, he smiled, he was very nice ( damn) 'Is your lover ', ' yes sir', he said ' please come '. entered the trust, he rose and took her in his arms and kissed her tubeshemales passionatly, lifted her skirt, sliding tubeshemales his hand over the back of her panties. ' Drinks- slave said :' tubeshemales We have no time for a drink I am among you the need for good food, but suck my dick ', then pushed her on the knee I was told to kneel in the corner and keep the mouth shut.. Herrin his pants and his huge cock lover appeared unpacked greedly sucked 'If I'm happy to get a good dessert,' he said. licked sucked the final after taking almost anything in the neck. I remember I had aspired only once, but the figure, this is the freedom privalage After a few minutes her hips belt, and said. 'IWe watch to cum ',' Oh darling I do not want to tubeshemales be slave chaotic have it, ' said Herrin. My ears moved uh, what my mind was racing. I said sir,' poured into the throat ', click she dragged me with her fingers she touched my chin ' wide, takes cum idiot sir,' my mouth is automatically opened and began to shake his cock in my mouth, 'mmm my balls are so full of honey' 'enjoy a baby who is here for us to use it ' she got up and kissed him and stroked his hair with him masturbating on the other hand, seemed like hours, but possibly his hips and belt of semen flowed into my mouth and my face, I moaned and groaned. never cease to then put his tail and threw it down saying, 'let me die of hunger. Then left, leaving me laughing splattered with sperm. I waited on my knees and back hard. To be continued
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